JC Woodworks is a locally owned and operated company in La Grande, Oregon.  We are in the business of building fine furniture and cabinets with only the highest quality materials.  The company was started by three individuals, two builders and a designer.  All are highly efficient at their jobs, allowing JC Woodworks to keep prices lower than most expect. Our shop is still a fully manual shop; no computer controlled machinery here.  We believe that having a person involved in every step of the process brings about a better product in the end.  From the first cut to assembly, to the application of our high quality finishing products, you can expect a product with a fit and finish like no other.

Our showroom is an 1800 square foot space located in the historic district of La Grande.  The space is very inviting and warm with lots of brick and glass.  Of course, our woodworking is the feature here!  With a full kitchen, five mini kitchens, and multiple pieces of furniture, you can see our attention to every detail in our work.  Pieces in our showroom are both for display and for sale.

JC Woodworks Show Room

Our showroom is also where the design process takes place.  At JC Woodworks, we utilize the latest in technology to take you through the design process.  Whether designing your kitchen or your next piece of furniture, you will be able to see your design in 3D before anything is built.

Image of Sam Jacobson in Showroom