Our Services

JC Woodworks provides an array of services to help you get your home furniture and cabinets just how you like it. Whether a simple project, or an entire house of woodwork, JC Woodworks has you covered.


Custom Design
Our custom designer at JC Woodworks is set up to help you with your custom design, whether it be for your cabinets or your furniture.  At JC Woodworks we use two different pieces of software for design.  For cabinets we use a program that allows us to quickly get exactly what you want.  Often we can do the whole design process while you sit there, allowing you to give your input and get exactly what you want.  For furniture design, we use a 3D modeling software that is all about freedom!  It allows us to first draw out, and then shape your piece of furniture to be exactly what you want it to be.  Whether you want simple line and form, or a much more complex design, you will be able to see it in full 3D before we start building it.

Custom Building
At JC Woodworks, our shop and builders are extremely capable.  We are set up with all of the tooling that allows us to quickly execute your design into reality.  From saws and shapers, to sanders and spray booth, we take wood from its rough cut starting point to a beautiful piece of woodwork quickly and efficiently.  While we do use high quality equipment with some high tech helps (i.e.: digital height readouts on milling tools), you can rest assured that our builders are involved in every step of the building process.  This gives you a fit and finish that can’t be achieved with automated machinery.  We are about making sure every aspect of your woodworking is perfect.  Come see our work; I think you’ll agree!

Custom Inventory for Sale

JC Woodworks showroom is a beautiful facility with 1800 square feet of floor space.  All of that space is now being filled with beautiful pieces of furniture for purchase.  All of our inventory receives the same care in building as our custom pieces.  While we do not try to compete with the common furniture store, you will find our prices competitive.  The main difference here is that these pieces of furniture are made to last beyond your lifetime.  From beds and dressers, to hope chests and end tables, we are your one stop shopping for fine furniture and cabinets.

At JC Woodworks we are all about service.  Though most of our day is spent building cabinets and furniture for our customers, we always have time to help a customer with a quick need.  If you need something cut or put together quickly, stop in and we’ll probably take care of it while you wait.